About Us

It’s not about us, it’s about you!

Achieve financial freedom and break free from money-related stressors.


Our company provides a strategic approach in credit restoration and business economic development. We value full transparency in all our practices and empower our customers to attain long-term financial freedom. Your goals is our mission, we are your blueprint to success!


 Be uplifted! 


Credit Restoration: Lift Credit Solution’s purpose is to build and restore your creditworthiness.  We offer you the guidance, knowledge, and the support you need to attain a better credit report card.  We are dedicated to building and sustaining honest relationships with our clients as we partner with you to uplift your credit status.  Together, we will focus on correcting the inaccuracies that are affecting your personal credit score.  We equip our clients with the power of understanding the factors behind good credit, and with this knowledge you will continue to be able to manage your ongoing credit status.

Good Credit Benefits:
  • Lower interest rates
  • Savings on auto insurance 
  • Better employment options 
  • Utility services 
  • Higher credit limits 
  • Personal loan approvals 
  • Freedom from certain security deposits 

Business Development:  We assist new and already established entrepreneurs in properly structuring their business, in addition to extending our business development services for business credit score build, credit monitoring, branding and more.  We help owners understand the importance of separating their personal and business assets.  Over 90% of business owners do not know how to acquire a line of credit, get approval for a business loan, or how to monitor their company’s credit score.  If you are part of that 90%, Lift Credit Solutions can help. 

A  Good Business Foundation and Credit Score: 
  • Protects your personal credit and assets 
  • Improves your business cash flow 
  • Increases the value of your company 
  • Attracts investors and lenders to your business 
  • Establishes an identity for your business 
  • Higher lines of credit of over 50K and above.
Understanding the importance of good personal and business credit is more than a score.

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